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Picture: Local Products
Picture: Local Products
Picture: Local Products

Local Products

Rabaçal Cheese

We are home to one of the best Cheeses in Portugal - RABAÇAL CHEESE. It weighs less than half a kilo, is a yellowish colour, the aroma is wonderful, and the taste is unforgettable. Some people prefer it fresh, but it is supposed to be dry, and after three to four weeks curing, it becomes magnificent.


Along the green slopes of the hills in the east of the municipality, you can find the unique and hugely appreciated HONEY of this region.

Associação de Apicultores da Serra do Espinhal, 3230-078 Espinhal


Wine production has also been making strides and is now a part of the Demarcated Wine Producing Zone of Terras do Sicó. Any of these three local products now has duly certified producers, which attests to the quality of their products.

Associação de Vitivinicultores da Adsicó, Alfafar - Penela, Tef./Fax +351 239 569 001, Email:


Another product - the walnut - honoured with a Fair and a Municipal Holiday, on the 29th of September, is a reference in a mainly agricultural region. Year after year, tonnes of walnuts delight the thousands of visitors who come here and buy them, so that they can remember the Fair of St. Michael in Penela.

Wicker Baskets

Equally memorable are the wicker baskets or the famous Celebrations of São João do Deserto (St John in the Wilderness) on the 24th of June, Santo Amaro on the first Sunday of June, or of Nossa Senhora do Pranto (Our Lady of Lamentation) in Podentes during the month of September.

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