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Castle of Penela General Map

General Map


1. Main Gate

2. Town Gate

3. Traitor's Gate

4. Castelejo (Torre de Menagem)

5. Church of St. Michael

6. Museum - Sacred Art

7. Amphitheatre

8. Quintal das Lapas

Penela Castle

Church of St. Michael

The charter granted by D. Afonso Henriques in 1137 mentions a church within the fortress, but nothing remains of this primitive Romanesque temple after its repeated changes.

Among the most relevant of these was the rebuilding of 1420, ordered by D. Pedro, Duke of Coimbra, a devotee of St. Michael (Archangel); and the rebuilding in the second half of the 16th century, which gave the interior of the church the look which it still has - a triple aisle in a basilica form. These are divided into four bays, by two arcades of columns with Renaissance capitals and octagonal bases.

In the chancel, framed by a triumphal arch and lined with gilt wood carving, attention is drawn to the side panels with paintings representing St. Michael with the typical baroque swirl of his garments.

In the aisle where the (repainted) gilt woodwork retables of the 17th/18th centuries can be found, two sculptures deserve special attention: one of the Virgin and Child, by the Renaissance sculptor João de Ruão (16th century) and one of Saint Ann from the 14th century.

On the stairway that leads to the churchyard, there are two rectangular medallions with male busts dating from the 16th century, which are most likely from the pilasters of the chancel arch.

The outside appearance we see today was produced by works undertaken in the 1950s, when the clock-tower was added, replacing one of the defensive towers.

The canvas of St. Michael at the weighing of the souls, previously located in the chancel, can now be found in the sacristy.



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