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Castle of Penela General Map

General Map


1. Main Gate

2. Town Gate

3. Traitor's Gate

4. Castelejo (Torre de Menagem)

5. Church of St. Michael

6. Museum - Sacred Art

7. Amphitheatre

8. Quintal das Lapas

Castelo de Penela


It was in this original defensive core reached through an ogive door, that the keep once stood, which D. Dinis had had built in 1300 on the highest point. With the rebuilding work in the 15th and 16th centuries, this keep vanished and the walls were adapted to the use of the firearms which began to appear at this time.

These new firearms coexisted with the old mechanical ballistics weapons, which is why both embrasures and loopholes are can be seen in the walls: for the firing of both trons (primitive mortars) and arrows.

This castelejo had a parapet walk or patrol route, which allowed surveillance of the surrounding hills and was wide enough for defensive movements in case of an attack. There was also a square tank dug into the rock to collect the rainwater, which was essential for prolonged sieges, when lack of water was a powerful weapon which favoured the assailant.



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